Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Educational Careers

If death and taxes are two things you can count on, jobs in education might be a close third. While every industry has been shaken by the financial earthquakes (and volcanoes and tsunamis) of the past 16 months, education has always been one to turn to for stability, longevity, and growth.
But what if you can't imagine yourself in the front of a classroom? Besides teaching history to high schoolers and art to elementary students, there are a range of careers in the education industry that fit every personality type. Read on to find out more about education jobs (and how to earn the degree you need to get started).
If you're good with young children...
Become an early childhood educator
More and more parents are starting their children's education early, which means there are great opportunities for early childhood educators (also known as pre-school teachers). The U.S. Department of Labor is expecting 19% growth in this career though 2018. This job not only provides a steady income, but a chance to help develop and shape a young child's education.
If you like helping people...
Become a school counselor
Teachers often have their hands full developing lesson plans and grading papers, so school counselors are the ones students can turn to if they're having problems in school, with friends, or at home. And counselors don't just wait for students to come to them; they take an active role in developing appropriate programming, monitoring student's progress, and stepping in when something, either at school or at home, isn't right.
If you like to be the boss...
Become a school administrator
There's a lot more to any school than report cards and ABC's. There's someone who's running the show-from developing educational policies to hiring teachers to enforcing school security and safety. That person is a school administrator. If you're passionate about promoting education from an administrative end, this job might be right for you.
If you want to help those with special needs...
Become a special education teacher
Medical advancement and breakthroughs have allowed doctors and educators to diagnose learning disabilities much earlier than in the past. This means students are getting the help they need earlier on, which is driving the need for special education teachers. As a special education teacher, you'll help students with mental, developmental, physical and emotional challenges learn and succeed in school.
If you've got a unique skill to teach...
Become a vocational teacher
Vocational teachers don't just teach shop these days. From business and marketing to personal finance to health, today's vocational teachers give students the skills they need to start their own business, take control of their finances, or maintain their health.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting an Online Education Administration Degree

Most people would think twice about online education administration degrees, but recently, distance education via the internet has become quite popular. While some courses like culinary arts education or forensic nursing education require practical and laboratory work, many degrees can easily be acquired over the net. If you are seriously looking at education administration degrees, then here is some course information for you to peruse before signing up for one.
Education Administration
Education administration degrees are acquired by individuals who want to take up teaching or administrative roles in schools and universities. Teachers are usually good educators, but not necessarily good administrators. This degree comes in handy in this case. While some of these courses are taken up to complement a teaching certification, they can be done independently as well. The duties of individuals with education administration degrees involve creating the curriculum, setting up the administrative and IT systems for the school, helping solicitation and enrollment of new students, and other basic activities involved in running a school. In other words, it is everything that needs to be done other than instructing a classroom of students.
It is not necessary to have teaching experience before you take up this course. But, it definitely does help. Apart from being an added qualification, it is useful for those who want to engage themselves with the community, and work with children actively. It helps bring an important set of specialized skills to the table.
Online Programs
These programs are of two kinds. In some cases, you can sign up for an online PhD education program or a bachelor degree with a virtual university. You can even choose a university that has a physical campus, offering online degrees. These are useful for students who want to study, but do not have the time to make it to a regular classroom.
There are many benefits to getting education administration degrees online. Firstly, you can study at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. You save on the time that you would have otherwise spent commuting.
Therefore, if you are a fast learner, then you can move through the course material faster than an average person would. Or, if you already know parts of the course, then you do not need to go through that again. With long distance learning, though you would be paying the tuition costs, but you would save on expenses like travel, housing, and food.
When you study full time it limits your ability to hold a job and balance the demands that both make on your time. Studying an online degree helps you manage your time better. With flexible or fluctuating work timings, getting a long distance online degree is very convenient.
These are only a few of the benefits of online education administration degrees. Once you have acquired these, it is only your grade that matters and nothing else. Whether you studied your subject in a classroom or online, doesn't make any difference at all. At the end of the day, it is the effort and the hard work that you put into it, that matters.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Education - Psychology PhD Online

Why select a PhD online?
Most individuals decide to follow a PhD online because it can be done at their pace and convenience. For nontraditional students, this is the best way to learn. Many of these students need to balance their work and family life. It is quite difficult for them to put all of these commitments on hold to pursue their higher education. But, with the many benefits and flexibilities that PhD online programs are now offering, these students still have an opportunity to continue with pursuing a doctorate in educational psychology.
Educational Psychology
A distance online in educational psychology provides students with a perfect opportunity to train and work, for instance, in student services or as college counselors. PhD in this field focuses on the effectiveness of education in human settings. The concentration is on the learning and development of students and the focus is on subgroups. For instance, subjects such as children subjected to disabilities or specific gifts.
A PhD online educational psychology can be better comprehended through its relation with both biology and medicine. PhD online educational psychology has a wide range of subjects which include educational technology, special education, organizational learning and instructional design. The discipline of educational psychology studies how people learn. There are several steps such as development psychology and abnormal psychology which are part of the process of studying this particular field.
Educational psychologists work in a variety of fields. Some carry out research of human development, while others work as consultants creating programs for classrooms, educational materials and online courses.
AlderSchool of Professional Psychology
This is one of the oldest distance PhD programs available for students. This school provides training in the field of psychology for students. Students who are interested in following a distance PhD can specialize in educational psychology. Students can complete their master's degree using a similar method. This degree prepares students to further advance in their field of specialized education.
Walden University originally opened in 1970 as a learning center. This university has provided students PhD online programs in many fields, one of them being educational psychology. The educational department of Walden University also offers courses for principals and teachers. Students also receive training in their specialized fields. Students who already old a master's degree can enroll for a PhD online program.
North Central University
This online program began in 1996. The North central University has received its accreditation from the well recognized Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs. Students are offered psychology programs through the university's many online courses.